I'm looking to buy a digitech whammy. I really dig the sounds jonny greenwood and tom morello get outta this thing. Anyways my question is can the whammy be used as a regular wah like a crybaby or would you have to get a separate wah to get a normal wah tone?
No, it's not even related to a wah. The only similarity is that they have an expression pedal.
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Ah ok I kinda figured that. Guess I'll be buying both. I never payed attention to the fact that it's not a wah it clearly says whammy durrrr! Just looks like a wah my bad lol
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unless you find a Digitech XP100 Whammy Wah on ebay or something, than no.
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No. Just because something is an expression pedal doesn't mean it's a wah. It's just used to have a foot control of a parameter so you can actually play while controlling it. You can't really play and twist a knob on a pedal at the same time, so then comes the expression pedal.

An expression pedal can honestly be made for anything, but the most popular ones are:
Wah/filter effects

and sometimes distortion/overdrive.
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I was gonna come in here and say yeah totally, if you have the digitech whammy III, but it looks like you are just talking about a modern whammy iv/v/droptune. Those are just pitch shifters. As others have said, just because it has an expression pedal does not make it a wah. I myself have setup delay pedals with expressions and there are some other effects that use them, like some univibe clones. If you are looking at getting pedals, I recommend the wah first. The whammy is not for everyone and definitely doesn't work for all music
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