I have 3 songs on my soundcloud I would like c4c on if y'all don't mind. 2 of them are just digitally rendered mp3 converts from Guitar Pro files using solmire.com, and are also unfinished, as such I'm not looking for criticism on the mastering - just the compositions as I have no theory knowledge. I don't really have any opinions except from friends, family, and for the one song I've recorded with my own playing from the dude who recorded it. Anon critiques are always more honest so that's exactly what I'm looking for.

This thread has had over 50 views already and not a single comment, wouldn't mind just a little feedback. Even if it's just to say whether you enjoyed the music or not. It's quite immature and probably not helping my cause to start getting frustrated but I don't see the point in even viewing the thread if you're not going to comment, or according to my play count even listen. Really, I'm just eager for constructive criticism, I wish to improve as a musician and song writer - passion for something leads to an emotional response. :P

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Whose dick do I gotta suck to get any sort of response around here?! Jesus. I know my aggression isn't gonna win any fans but fuuuck it's damn frustrating. I'm a bit of a troubled soul as of late too, I suppose I should just channel that into future compositions and not bother looking for critique and hope for the best - it doesn't help that I've been awake for days either I guess - time for some sleep then I'll go respond to some c4c threads.
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You like that arpeggio whether it is a cello or a guitar playing it.
I thought the tunes pretty good.
Not my thing, but you have a good ear.
Thanks for the response! Yeah I guess due to limited theory knowledge I'm prone to repetition without even realising it. But it's good to know I've got something going for me haha, just drop a link if you'd like a return critique.
EDIT: Nvm, bumped in to your thread.
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Hey dude heard all three, I'd love to hear these with full instrumentation. Are you using GP5 or something for composing?
Either way ever sounds pretty good get us some big sounding final epics!
As for the response thing on here....it ain't like the old days were folks gave a shit...I ask myself why I bother posting here at all anymore. Sharing via groups on soundcloud seems to work better .

Please check mine out.

First song: at first I thought it was real guitar, but then it sounded like sampled guitar to me (not necessarily a bad thing). Not bad, sounds like a partial song, not a complete song to me. Second song: definitely does not sound like a real guitar, but once again not necessarily a bad thing. Though I'd prefer to hear it with a real guitar being played. Third song: I like the bass riffs, even if it sounds sampled. The guitar sounds more realistic here. This was the best of the 3 in my opinion, by far. Riffs are pretty good! Except for some possible vocals, sounds like a complete song. Please review my music at this link:

Thank you for the responses, I've just been released from hospital and don't have the time to return critique immediately, although I will do within a couple of days, just letting you know as an apology for the delay in response. Yeah first 2 tracks are MIDI, composed in guitar pro 5 because I don't have resources for recording, although will be recording when compositions are complete. Backing tracks for 3rd song are also MIDI, my "producer" insisted due to funding restrictions. Will hopefully get more professional work done in future and like I said, will return critique within 2 days.
Hey deathofagod, I liked you compositions almost prog like. That kind of guitar tone isn't to my fancy (even know its not a real one) but your skills to write the music are pretty solid.
dont review mine as apparently it's difficult to view from my links.
Okay I've done all the return critique-ing. @mattjamesrenn, thanks for saying it was almost prog like! Makes me feel a little boosted, haha. :P If you like, just leave the links for your stuff and I'll be the judge of how difficult you music is to access, and if I manage the allegedly impossible and view your tunes I'll let you know what I think.