This is the second song off our EP titled "Path of Destruction". We recorded and mixed everything ourselves.

We're a mix of Thrash and Metalcore. This is our fastest song that we have, especially around the 2:00 mark. Our drummer is unloading his thrash skills at 206 bpm! The song as a whole is pretty unique. It's definitely not typical Metalcore, nor is it typical Thrash.

I do full C4C's regardless of the genre. If you give me an extremely detailed review, I will do so as well. If you give me a 5 word review, you can expect the same

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Hope you enjoy! 1 more song to go!
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Thank you for the second review! Now your tune: vocals are a bit heavy for my taste, but good for the genre. Guitar riffs/playing are good. I wonder if the guitar would sound any better/fuller if you double-tracked them and then panned them left & right (but maybe that isn't done much in your genre?). The drummer succeeded in thrashing my ears with his good drumming Are you still in the Air Force?
Thanks for the review.

I would've loved to duel-track. It's how I did all of my old recordings on soundcloud with just guitar and superior drummer 2.0. But it came down to the mixing style that Jason (our vocalist and producer) was used to recording with. It helped that I had one cab (a Splawn 2x12) and another (a Vader 2x12) for each mic, and he panned them separately left and right.......but it's still fairly centered sounding. I did duel track for harmonies and some of the obvious 2nd and 3rd guitar parts, but those were few and far between.

I am still in the Air Force, but I'm likely separating between Aug and Dec. They're downsizing 50,000 airmen in the next 5 years, with most in the first 18 months. There's some good deals to volunteer separation. Not to mention I can always go back to school full time on their dime thanks to the GI Bill. In fact, they'd be paying me to go full time. Not a lot (about $960 a month for me), but it sure helps
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I review your tracks backwards, so this will be for "More Than Blood" haha. Sorry!

Again, I can see a big influence from early KsE and early Shadows Fall / Unearth. 3 good bands, so thats a good thing! Like I said in the other review, pan the guitars hard left and right and it'll clear up the mix loads, leaving more room for the vocals to cut through. The guitar is heavy though man. Doesnt sound muffled or anything and the natural harmonics remind me a lot of Machine Head. Thanks for the review on my page though, man!

- Nathe
Much appreciated to see some true critique. Though I find it strange that you couldn't just edit your post via copy + paste and switch reviews for each thread
Pretty good song, I enjoyed it. The quality is good. Guitars sound pretty good, if its true that you didn't dual track and pan your rhythm guitars that would make them a lot better. The playing sounds decent to me though. Writing is pretty rad, I like it a lot, kept my interest throughout. Drums and vocals are great, sound pretty nice. Overall its a sweet song, nice job!
Thx a bunch, man. I liked some of your other stuff btw. Heavy Metal Zelda Theme kicks ass!!!
Field of Terror

Right away im digging the energy of the first riff, reminds me of through the eyes of the dead, who i like. I'm also digging the vocals right away too nice and thick but you can clearly understand what he's saying, something i think bands tend to struggle with, even mine at times. Im also liking the whole battle and soldier theme going on with the vocals. I think that lends itself really well to the mosh pit. The more i listen to the song the more energy it carries through out all the way to end which is bad ass. I like it. but i have to say i could use more break downs, but that's just my style i love me some nice slow break downs.

More than blood.

After listening to the first song and then this one it sounds quieter? Maybe different mastering? Idk. Im digging the guitar in these songs, they sound like they could use another layer and some panning i noticed that you said there's just two guitars with different amps panned to one side i like to do atleast two layers a side and then have a high and low eq, but i am using just vst's at the moment my amp is on the fritz and can't record with it i think i'd still try the layers tho. Anyway back to the song. It sounds like it flows really well with the first and honestly i wish there was more to jam out to while i write because i ran out of music and i was getting into the flow. I love when bands just play their set and everything runs together real nice. One thing i have to say tho, and maybe it's just not the sound your going for but, i feel the drums could be more promient in the mix. espacilly the kick, but like i said may not be your style, i like that clickly fast kick in my music.

But all in all man sounds great keep it up.
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Thx for the review and the honest assessments.

Glad you had basically zero qualms with Field of Terror

They're definitely the same volume/mix, but maybe when it switched songs it nudged the volume back down to a default setting. It's happened to me a few times too. The purpose of More Than Blood was to kinda get in and get out in a hurry. 3:30 is right on cue with a single, and it's one of the few songs that I do a "lead" section. Yes, I wish the guitar and the kick were a little more prominent, but we also were kinda going for a slightly raw sound for the EP. I like the clicky kick, but it just wasn't happening.

Anyways, thx again bud
Appreciate it, man! I certainly wouldn't say that we sound like BtP, but I do have my deep rooted LoG love still in there. I just never saw any of those influences come for this song though. Do you mean the vocal style, perhaps? If so, my singer would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to hear that (he thinks Randy sounds like a frog, lol)
Your singer kicks ass, and the riffs are tastyyyyy. I think what both of these songs are missing are some dynamics... If you added swells, buildups etc etc they would really set up your riffs (which are already solid) up to sound even better!
Hey man, thx a bunch. Being that it's our first EP, I'm sure we'll just get more and more creative with our songs and their recordings.