When I first bought an electric guitar I got a Roland Cube 20x to go with it. But now I'm looking for something a little sexier.
So basically, I want a small amp (mostly for using at home and for recording) that's better than the Cube. Which amps would you people recommend?
Well it depends.
Read this and update your post so we can properly help you.
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in laymans terms... what kind of music do you play? How much do you have to spend? Do you have outboard effects (reverb, delay, etc.) Are you recording direct to PC, to multitrack recorder? More info brother and people here will be of great help.
Do you want another modeling amp or a tube amp?
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Do you want another modeling amp or a tube amp?

Or a modelling tube amp. (Line 6 Spider Valve FTW lol)
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I recommend sticking with what you've got.

The Cube is a great little practice amp, and it sounds like that's all you need for now. Save your money until you need a gigworthy amp.
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