So I ripped off a backing track from Vito Astone's YouTube page and just did some noodling...some of it is pretty coherent. Tried my best Reb Beach impression on some spots but it just came off sounding like a drunken Zakk Wylde enjoy.
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You got great skills, man! I hear the Zakk Wylde influence in you, and it's really cool. Great vibrato, and some great bends. What you(and Zakk Wylde for that matter) can continue to work on is coherence in the solo(not that it wasn't coherent, but it could be more so). All in all, nice work! You're a great player! Let me know when you upload something else, always a joy to listen to great players.
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I like your guitar tone.

Your playing's great; you're good at changing the feel of the solo at different sections to make the solo stay interesting. I'd probably use less pinch harmonics; that's really the only complaint I have.

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I always get weary when I see shred but as the dude above me said you keep it interesting by injecting different little creative parts. You seem to have some pretty good techs and skills down but yeah post some more stuff as I enjoyed that. /maddyRe
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