I ****ing love this song (and band) first off.

As for your playing. Overall it wasn't too bad, but we both know there's much room for improvement.
Your tone was really nice and your technique for the most part looks fine except when soloing and doing some of the faster palm muting.
All your techniques in general just need more practice. I'd say though that if you're going to continue playing this style of music and Parkway Drive that you should start practicing your downpicking. The main riff for this song for example is downpicked and not alternate picked, as are most Parkway Drive riffs.
I can't really overly criticize one particular thing to be honest because everything needs work, but it seems like you're on the right track concerning proper technique etc so I'd just say keep practicing and keep improving. If anything though I'd say focus on staying relaxed and in time when playing and start working on that downpicking

Cool cover though man