Hey guys need some advice.

I've got some great new toys over the last few weeks and I want to record them. I have some nice quartet charts that I'm going to use, but I'm going to be recording everything myself.

I want to record:
1st Trumpet
2nd Alto Trombone
3rd Bb/F Tenor Trombone
4th Bb/F/Gb Bass Trombone

For guitars, bass, vocals, etc. I've always gone direct or close micing, with an LDC for vocals and a 57 clone for guitars. How close would you guys put the microphone for these instruments? and would you use the 57 clone, or a Behringer B2 Pro condenser?
Also any other tips would be greatly appreciated.
Somewhere around the bell but not directly in front of it. Might be too honky. I'd use the condenser myself. That's just because i prefer condensers
Try them both and see which one sounds better. You'll probably end up using both because one will sound better on some horns and the other on other horns.