I've got a lot of gear I dont use and would like to sell this stuff some I can get a bunch of new stuff! Most of it is in excellent condition. If you're interested, hit me up and I'll post the pics on here.

Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR in Black Cherry- $600.


-This is the Hellraiser with the coiltaps and EMG 81/89s. The Trem on it is also blocked with a small piece of wood glued to it that I had a guitar tech installed. It can easily be knocked out if you wish though.

Ibanez ART-300 in Black Caiman- $180. Here's a vid of the guitar. Its got some nicks on the back and on the back of the neck, but besides that plays fast and is awesome. I actually play this more than the Hellraiser because its much easier to play.


BlackStar HT-20 AMP- $380 US, but buyer pays shipping which should be about $70.


Ibanez Weaping Demon WD7 Wah with External Power Cable- $55 plus buyer pays shipping which should be $15.

Digitech DDM Death Metal Distortion- $20 plus buyer pays 7 dollars shipping.

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay- $50 plus buyer plays 7 dollars shipping.

Boss BF-2 Flanger- $50 plus buyer pays 7 dollars shipping.

Bad Monkey OD Pedal- $20 plus buyer pays 7 dollars shipping.

Also, I'll throw in some of those 1 inch connector cords for the pedals if you buy one. I can probably spare 1 a pedal. Let me know if your interested!!!