I've been looking at some used SGs on Kijiji. I found a Standard in silver burst colour with coil tapping that interests me.

I know nothing about this guitar. Ad says he bought it new about 3 years ago.

Does anyone have any info on this guitar? Pickup type? Slim neck? Ect.

I love the 2013 Standard I've been eyeballing in the store, but was looking at used first to see what I could find.
The SG Standard has been made in Silverburst many times, so without pictures it is impossible to pin down exactly which version that may be. The most recent one was a limited run in 2007, the specs of which can be read HERE and HERE. The specifications of SG guitars doesn't change anywhere nears a smuch as other Gibson instruments, so chances are even if this guitar is not one of the 2007 run, it will still have very similar specification.

Bear in mind that all Gibsons have their final fit and finishing done by hand, so each one—as in every individual guitar, not just models of guitar—varies. You won't really be able to tell what this guitar is like until you try it for yourself, something you should always do with second hand guitars anyway. If you are unable to try the guitar out before buying it, I would suggest you forget it; there are other Gibson SGs, like the Special and SGJ, which are effectively the same as the Standard but cheaper as their finishes take less time, if the price of a new Standard is a concern to you. Otherwise, I'd wait and save up for the new Standard. Buying the thing you really want will make you much happier in the long run, long after you've forgotten about the price difference or the relatively short amount of time you had to wait before buying it.
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I'd be trying it first for sure. Was just trying to find out some specs before I made the drive to where the guy lives.

I was interested in used because I've been seeing some models that aren't available anymore. One being which with ebony fret board that's in my price range (love ebony boards). That said, I tried and love the 2013 Standard which I'll most likely end up with.