ive been a guitarist in a bands for over 1o years but ive only owned 2 tube heads. a b-52 at100 but that got fried by a beer spill so ijust bought a bugera infiuium 333. i bought it new online so i didnt ever try one out so went i played it for the first month or so it was really on the treble side of being high pitched, but now it is really bassy. do tube amps have a break in period
No they don't have a break in period. But Bugeras break period. their QC is pretty crappy

have you tried changing your EQ settings at all?
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No they don't have a break in period. But Bugeras break period.?

Maybe a tube has gone bad but I doubt that would be the effect.
The QC is supposed to have gotten a lot better, though something else may well have failed so I'd give a call to their customer service.
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thanks i found out today that the bass nod was broken easy fix all sounds good now thanks