ok, dont take this video too seriously.

I really want you to critique the drum tones I have from Superior Drummer 2.0. I feel like all the tones sound good but the snare sounds really plastic. If you have any quick tips on how i could improve my drum mixing It'd be much appreciated!

Well leave a comment, and a link to your video/recording. Thanks!

Oh hey, I didn't see you there
Yeah that snare sounds quite odd for sure. I expected a soul-crushing double bass line accompanying a cymbal-snare rhythm but overall, it was good. I do believe you can improve yourself up to a great point. As for the drum mixing, I'm neighter into that stuff nor do I know anything about it . Good luck with all!
Maybe I'm the odd man here. Snare sounds fine to me. The whole drum set sounds fine to me, but it needs to match the style of music you play. You may want to record some guitar riffs first before you spend 5 million hours tweaking the drums. I have used SD2 for about 4 years. Have you tried some of the default drum kits/default effect settings (these effects most or all the kit though)? Or if you find one of those that have a snare sound you like, write down ALL of the settings for the snare (this includes the snare model itself, which you can select when you see the virtual drum kit, and the effect & EQ settings). Please review my music at this link: