I wrote this song after reading up on the"The (Bloody) Angle", a particularly costly Civil War engagement. I felt like putting together a soundscape to complement the imagery in my mind. I don't think that, without the reference, it would make much sense. I endeavored to create a Nick Cave/Warren Ellis type sound (but of course not hitting it). Still, you might enjoy it.


You could MAKE people get the reference. The snare intro is a good start. You can get some samples of yelling, shooting, running, et cetera for free online (a cannon would be AWESOME). Layering just a few samples together could create a good "battle" atmosphere really easily. The way I usually do it is put each different sample in a different time signature, so they don't keep lining up the same way, making it seem more authentic.

Anyways, onto the song itself (as I listen):

Great intro, the percussion really makes it powerful despite the sparse guitar, it's a nice contrast. However, I think some more layers should come in before 1:25. You don't need to throw in a guitar solo or anything, but some leads/extra guitars could really improve this section.

I like the section after 1:25 too. You had a good thing going with the fade-out, you should have continued it a little further.

C4C? The links are in my sig.
Awesome feedback, thanks man. Not sure why I didn't think to research free sound samples.

I'll check out your stuff when I'm home from work!

Full disclosure: I'm not a huge electronic listener, but I like most of what I hear from it. So right away I was struck by how lush Frozen, Waiting sounded. I like how you strip things away at 1:12 and then build to what was, quite honestly, a crescendo that floored me. I loved the sound of the drums and the amount of fuzz on the guitars. For critical feedback, well.. I can think is that there were certain segments that could have been enhanced and developed - there were various disconnected movements rather than cohesive elements. Personally, I enjoy variety and didn't mind at all, though.

Admiration had a very sunny vibe. My favorite part was 2:48 on...I also enjoyed Subtlety's restrained beat and instrumentation. You definitely come up with some wonderful textures!
awesom man, love it and following now, your stuff is right up my alley at this moment. I only wish it wnt longer at this point.
Don’t know if it’s true but I can definitely hear some Frusciante influences in your music.
Thanks, Mattjamesrenn! I take that as a big compliment. I love Frusciante's playing, but hadn't considered that before.

I'm listening to your stuff, sounds cool! I love jazzy chords- really enjoying Unfamiliar Whiskey. I also really like the percussive elements you work into your rhythmic playing. While the blending of the two guitars can flow nicely, like in Sunday morning, perhaps a bit of a different tone/effect on your lead lines could help define the two guitars and allow you to shift attention around?

Ever listened to Akerfeldt from Opeth? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAGmwkFjETg
Just a note: People prefer if you crit their songs in their threads rather than in your own. Not everybody is going to check your thread to see if you replied. Also, when you post in somebody else's thread, it bumps it to the top of the forum.
All good you should be bumped to the top of the forum, seriously good stuff (imo). cheers for the crit. My track sunday morning does annoy me a bit because of the reasons you have mentioned, also goes out of time in place (i have never played with a drummer or used metr) also I don't like songs with purily one mood set and it is a little stagnant in that regard.
Love Opeth since about the start of last year.