Well, sort of different topic but about being guitarist. How would you rate your playing? Do you guys feel like being good at soloing, making breaking riffs, or more aucostic style of player? Lets find out how it goes1

Generally most of time i do create riffs for some drum tracks or even without. A bit of classical play, without distortion used. Generally nu-metal stule of playing, rather slower or mid-fast. Not into soloing, cant hit shit in time.

So id rate it

Riffs - 7/10
Timing - 7/10
Soloin - 3/10
Sweeppicking - 4/10
Speed - 5/10 (120 bps most of time)
Creativity - 10/10 (always something new)
Chord playing 8/10 (jazz chords, crap..)
Guitar scales - 1/10 Known only Basic

You can add more than these i mentioned.
People tell me I am a really good guitarist, I think I am a good solid guitarist. My knowledge is very limited because I play almost entirely by ear (I learned chords this way also). Listen to the song in my profile and be the judge
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Riffs: 0 / 10
Timing: 6/10
Soloing: 0/10
Sweepicking: 0/10
Creativity: 10/10
Chord Playing: 6/10
Guitar Scales: 0/10
Riffs - ****ing terrible/10
Timing - I need to play more Guitar Hero/10
Soloin - Amnesty campaigned the EU Court Of Human Rights to make me stop/10
Sweeppicking - I'm not fit to sweep the floors/10
Speed - Slow enough for everybody to hear every mistake I make and have time to point them out/10
Creativity - Paint-by-numbers kits put me to shame/10
Chord playing - I think I know what an Open G is/10
Guitar scales - On a good day I can demonstrate the E Minor Pentatonic in one position/10

There's a reason why I spend more time cutting guitars up than I do playing.
Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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This is actually pretty hard to answer. I tend to know what I am good at and not so good at but putting a number on it is hard.

Riffs - 9/10. There aren't many riffs that I can't play relatively soon after studying them, the exceptions being riffs that use lead guitar techniques which I will get to later, or ridiculous syncopated stuff such as Bleed by Meshuggah, although I probably could play it if I practiced it.

Timing. This really depends on what I am playing. If it's a song I know back to front and I am recording it then 10/10, but most songs I know aren't at that level. I'll say 7/10, I am only human.

Soloing. If we are talking on the spot improv then maybe a 4/10, I can do it in some circumstances but I am not great at it. If we are talking playing a difficult solo and throwing in some improv, then maybe 8/10.

Sweeppicking - 6/10. I am very comfortable with 3 string sweeps, 4 and 5 I can do although not as quickly. 6 string sweeps I have never tried.

Speed. I haven't really checked tempos, but most of the stuff I play is fast. I don't really think I can put a number on this because playing something easy very very quickly isn't the same as playing something hard at medium speed.

Creativity - 9/10. I like messing around with solos, and when it comes to composing I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I try to make my music unique whilst still being enjoyable to listen to.

Chord playing - 5/10. Playing a chord is the easiest thing in the world, changing between two fiddly chords at speed is not. Most of what I play doesn't really rely on difficult chord changes so I can't really say any higher than 5/10.

Guitar scales - 6/10. In most cases I can't tell you on first listen what scale someone is using in a song, but if you played me a progression and asked me to solo over it I would probably be able to. I may not be able to say what actual scale I used though.

I'll add a few:

Tapping - 9/10. Tapping is probably my favourite technique because it just opens up the entire fretboard. I can play some complex tapping patterns, however there are some I can name right now that I know I can't play so I will only say 9/10.

Dexterity - 8/10. I tend to be pretty good as far as making the most of all my fingers, simply because the approach I take is if it's easier to do it one way then do it that way.

Singing whilst playing - 1/10. I cannot sing at all, and in fact I can barely even speak while playing.

Pretty interesting going through and rating myself for all these. It isn't really something that isn quantifiable, as it is so subjective. Like, I gave myself 9/10 on tapping but if, say, Tosin Abasi or Joe Satriani is a 10/10 then I am no where near a 9/10.
I don't play much with others, but I have gotten feedback from the times I have, or those rare occasions when others have heard me play.

Riffs - 8/10 I can come up switch some nifty stuff. I have been told my rhythm playing is "fancy".

Timing - 9/10 I generally don't lose the beat.

Soloing - 2/10 utter garbage, don't ask me to solo, EVER.

Sweeppicking - 4/10 pretty rudimentary, just learning it really.

Pinch harmonics - 6/10 I can do them pretty regularly, but sometimes I do them when I shouldn't.

Tapping- 4/10 - I can do it, but I rarely do, and don't have a feel for when I should.

Speed - 5/10 while I can muster occasional bursts of speed, I will never play a thrash metal song faster than Mark Knopfler can.

Creativity - 10/10 I have been playing in E Standard and NST for decades, and just started with DADGAD last week. May branch out into Open G ("Keeftune") soon, too. I love to experiment more than learn others' music, so I'm always mixing elements across genres.

Chord playing 8/10 I play lots...but I don't necessarily know the names of the ones I'm playing. Reason- I'm primarily playing for my own enjoyment, so I don't really care too much about chord names.

Guitar scales - 3/10. See above.
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Riffs: 5 / 10
Timing: 9/10 (I'm also a bassist, so It comes with the job )
Soloing: 5/10
Sweepicking: 0/10
Creativity: 7/10
Chord Playing: 5/10
Guitar Scales: 1/10

Average overall: 5.4/10
Riffs - 6/10

Pretty much any asshole can learn to do riffs, though.

Timing - 10/10


Soloing - 4/10

I can do basic soloing, but none of the diddily-diddily-diddily wah stuff.
Sweeppicking - 0/10

Lol nope
Speed - 5/10

Meh. I could be faster, but I can do what I want to do already.

Creativity - 6/10

If I didn't forget everything I write, I could probably have a decent B-side.

Chord playing 11/10

"But it goes to eleven!"

Guitar scales - 4/10

I know more than a lot of guitarists, but only for chord keys, not lead playing.

Tapping - 0/10

Lol nope.

Dexterity - 6/10

Singing and Playing - 8/10

My primary pursuit on guitar.

Lead (non-Solo) - 5/10

Not all lead guitar is soloing.

Style Variety - 7/10

Pretty much everything except for modern metal varieties. And anything that uses the suffix -Core
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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Trying to quantify playing ability is a bit tough, but I will say that you are a good guitarist if you can play well enough to carry the sounds you hear in your head to the fretboard. There are thousands of types of music out there, to say I am a master of an instrument (IMO) would be saying that I have exhausted the possibilities of the instrument and that I perfected all the techniques used in those various forms of music. That seems rather impossible, but being able to play your preferred style of music the way that you want to play it is a goal that most people could accomplish.

As far as common "skills" go, I am pretty quick, with a bit of practice I can keep up with most any riff short of those things that are fast for sake of being fast, though I could write riffs that were equally as fast and perform them.

I can rip a mean solo, though anything other than showboating I like to compose first, though improvisation isn't a strong suit when it comes to soloing.

I am a riffin' mother****er.

I can chicken pick, tap a bit, I employ sweep picking when I find they will add to a song...

I'm not a super strong staccato player, I much prefer legato, but I am reasonable proficient at both.

Overall I would say I am a well-rounded player for the styles I like to play, but there is always someone better.
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Other than people with a big ego, most people don't think they're as good as they are. Everyone is their own worst critic. I know my bandmates think I'm a much better guitarist than I think I am myself. On the other hand though, I'm sure they don't analyze my playing as much as I do myself. Not to mention that other than our bassist, they other guys don't have a clue about playing any stringed instrument so it's tough for them to judge. I remember people who've never played an instrument in their lives telling me I was an awesome guitarist way back when when I know for a fact I wasn't very good. Even now, considering how long I've been playing, I should be better. I'm at least happy that I've improved the last few years after seeming to hit a wall for a while before that.
Well I'll start by saying that my 1-10 scale is based on your average guitarist. Meaning if I give myself a 9, it doesn't mean I'm one step away from perfect, just that I'm better at it than most people I've heard or jammed with or something.

Riffs - 8.5/10 - I can play pretty much any riff with a little practice, with a few exceptions here and there.

Timing - 9/10 - I think my timing is pretty good, considering I'm also a drummer

Soloing - 6/10 - I can play a decent number of solo's, but nothing too fast and also I'm terrible at remembering them

Sweeppicking - 6/10 - Depending on what scale they are in, I'm alright at doing them. I just can't do the crazy ones that require huge finger stretches at very high tempos.

Speed - 6/10 - I don't devote much time to playing fast, its not that important to me

Creativity - 0/10 - That's right, 0 out of 10. I am absolutely horrible at writing my own material, and it is by biggest flaw as a player.

Chord playing 10/10 - I can play chords

Guitar scales - 4/10 - I know the most common ones. Currently in the process of learning more.
I haven't played in ages, my timing sucks, my playing is usually pretty fast, but hardly ever very clean.

Basically I suck, but people think I'm good because I can play fast.
I don't usually like rating myself, and I dearly apologize if any of this sounds arrogant but...

Riffs: 6/10. I'm decent but it's definitely not anything special.

Timing: 9/10. Most of the time I'm dead on, and I tend to play more rhythm guitar than most.

Soloing: 9/10. As a finger picker, things can get a little hairy, but I think my phrasing/tone/technique are all respectable.

Sweepicking: 5/10. I fingerpick and have no clue how to sweep, but I tap decently and my legato is one of my strong suits.

Speed: 7/10. Solid for a fingerpicker, average in any other regard.

Creativity: 8/10. I think my playing can get pretty interesting with the chords and scales I use, but I don't usually think outside the box.

Chord Playing: 8/10. I have a solid vocabulary of triads, rhythm chords, and open chords, and they sound especially good with fingers, but I really should play more bar chords.

Guitar Scales: 8/10. I'm a bit lazy when it comes to learning new ones, but I try and stretch out (Arabian Pentatonic, Lydian, Major, Minor).
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I'll bite.

Riffs - 4/10. I can think of great stuff, not good enough player to convert it to sound sometimes though.

Timing - 5/10.

Soloin - 3/10. I think I'm alright, other people don't.

Sweeppicking - IDC/10. Never tried, not interested. Sounds shit.

Speed - 5/10. I prefer 140bpm or less. I'm not a metalhead.

Creativity - 10/10. This is my strong suit.

Chord playing 6/10. I know all the basics, and all my theory for making chords, not great with inversions or complicated chords though.

Guitar scales - 10/10. The way I see it, you only need major, minor, major pentatonic, minor pentatonic, and the blues scale. I know them all by heart, I don't see why I need the other modes, so to me, 10/10 is just knowing those 5 scales.
Riffs - 5/10 I'm not a very technical rhythm player.
Timing - 7/10 Depends on the song. I improv and solo 90% of what I play.
Soloin - 9/10 Again, all I do is improv solos.
Sweeppicking - 5/10 I haven't really tried to incorporate this into my style.
Speed - 7/10 16 notes per second is my recorded fastest. Not the fastest, but faster than most.
Creativity - ?/10
Chord playing 7 / 10 looooooove mah spider chord voicings.
Guitar scales - 5/10 I know boxes, more-so. I'm getting into applying modes, but I'm still a bit green in the theory department. Just jumped headfirst into serious theory learnin' a couple months ago.
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Some nights when I get in the "zone" I think, hey I can do something. Nights like tonight I wonder where the past 16 years of my life have went. Just terrible. I don't really have a reason why some nights are good and others make me question myself. I have an audition for Berklee coming up and I'm hoping that I don't have one of these days when I go to audition. I used to do alright in college during the string juries. Usually would just practice the pieces the night before and go at it. Never got below a B on those. But that's an entirely different animal.


Riffs - 5 -
Timing 8 - classical helped with that
Solo - 5 -
Sweeping - 0 -
Speed - 5
Creativity - 5
Chords - 8 - again, classical helped me out a lot here
Scales - 8

I really wish I still had a classical guitar.
Singing while playing: 3/10. This drives me NUTS. I'm a good singer- 4.5 octave range, great sustain, tone, etc.- but as soon as I start trying to combine the two, it all goes haywire.
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Riffs - 7/10- I can play most riffs handed to me adequately with enough commitment. I just need enough time to learn them.

Timing - 5/10 - I'm not terrible at timing, but I tend to overthink what the timing of a song is, which really limits what I'm able to play in that timing. I tend to play too fast.

Soloing - 8/10 - I've done a lot of finger independence exercises, which were extremely monotonous and frustrating, but I acknowledge how they have allowed me to move my fingers in ways they're not used to. It has paid off in making my legato very fast and fluid.

Sweeppicking - 7/10 - I've put a lot of time and dedication into sweeping and chaining sweeps together. I only know about 5 significantly different patterns, but I've learned to pull them off fairly well. I can do half a dozen variations of the same sweeps regarding the mode they're in.

Speed - 8/10 - My leads are very fast, often far faster than I perceive when I'm playing them. My alternate picking is okay too, but I'm not quite as good as I used to be.

Creativity - 7/10 - I think that for my skill level, my creativity is quite good. But it is very trial and error, and I very often end up copying what has already been done unintentionally. But I feel like that isn't too bad of a sign.

Chord playing 6/10 - I can play all of the most common chords in popular music, with a few unusual 7th and 9th chords reserved for jazz and funk, but that's about it.

Guitar scales - 6/10 - I have an OK knowledge of theory and I'm able to recognize some modes as they're played, but I could do with learning more because of how much theory has helped me write riffs.
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I really can't rate myself. I don't sweep pick for instance does this make me less of a guitar player? as mentioned I think most guys are harder on themselves than others might be. i'll let others decide if I'm any good. as for me I know I can get better so that is the goal and it never changes
Riffs - 8/10
Timing - Kirk Hammet/10
Soloin - 4/10
Sweeppicking - 3/10
Speed - 7/10
Creativity - 8/10
Chord playing 5/10
Guitar scales - idk how my guitars weigh wut?
I'm not going to stick numbers on it because it would all seem arbitrary and pointless. But in general, pretty damn awful.

Riffing, not bad. I can usually play any riff that I put my mind to learning, but I don't come up with great ones myself. Moderately catchy, moderately complicated I suppose.

Timing, what timing? Never got into the habit of playing with a metronome, or playing along to a backing track. I can only imagine that if I played with other people I'd be all over the place.

Soloing, I'm stuck in a rut. I'm not fast enough to play cool flashy stuff, and when I'm noodling around there's a few little runs and patterns that I play without thinking about it. The more I play them, the more likely I am to play them again, and suddenly I'm repetitive.

Sweeping, very basic.

Speed, moderate. I can play some reasonably fast runs, but not very. Usually need a lot of practice to nail anything quick.

Creativity, I'm much better at in my head. I can come up with all sorts of great stuff in my head, then I get bored trying to translate it to my instrument.

Chords, not great. I can play chords fine, but my knowledge of them is a bit lacking.

Scales, not many. I keep meaning to learn more, then I get bored and play random rubbish instead.

Quote by Dysprosium
Other than people with a big ego, most people don't think they're as good as they are. Everyone is their own worst critic.

I'd agree with this as well. People always tell me I'm good, and I wonder if they're looking at the same guitar player. I've got one mate who is a really good player, who told me that my playing reminded him of Marty Friedman. Probably still the best compliment I've had, but I still think I'm awful!
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*dem solo skills*

Looks like we're in the same boat. Let's start a prog band.
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Looks like we're in the same boat. Let's start a prog band.

We'd require a rehearsal space, but I know a place called the Needs New Amphitheatre.

I'm out of the band aren't I?
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I am generally very overly critical of my own playing, so:
Riffing-7/10, generally a stronger area.
Soloing-5/10, not bad by a long shot, but need to incorporate more scales
Sweeping-3/10, practice it occasionally
Improv-5/10, need to integrate more dynamics/scales
Chords-7/10, starting to integrate more abstract chords
Timing-6/10, tend to pick this up rather easy, for some reason timing comes fairly natural
Singing while playing-0/10, are you kidding? It makes me mad when someone asks me a question when I am playing because I have to completely stop to answer.
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Riffs - 8/10, Can l pretty much nail most riffs fairly quickly and pick them up by ear.

Timing - 7/10, - Main complaint from people listening when I was practicing, put major effort into this and built it up much better. (foot tapping in the background when ever i play any more )

Soloing - 6/10

Now this is a funny one, certain styles of soloing I dont have much issue, give me some machine head/metallica/alter bridge style playing I can generally pick it up. Main style of thing I play along too and seems to influence me rather alot, give me a different type and whole other ball game.

Sweeppicking - 4/10

3 string sweeps I can do fairly nicely. can do some 5 strings but not very cleanly, practice definitely needed in this area.

Speed - 7/10
Depends on the what we are talking here, if you are after some dyers eve riffage I can play that confidently without too much bother, if we are talking 200mph sweep picking your likely to hear a mush of shitty noise that doesnt correlate to anything particularly musical.

Creativity - 6/10

I play almost 90% dirty stuff, but when I make shit up its almost always clean for some reason. no idea why, give me some decent recording stuff and this will probably change. I prefer writing acoustically than playing stuff other people have come up with, unless we are playing lindsay buckingham big love acoustic, (Master piece!)

Chord playing 11/10
No issue with chords, not play anything out there jazz styly but could definitely train my hands to it fairly quickly should i get the urge.

Guitar scales - 6/10

Pentatonics and blues, and all the modes I have no issue with, started learning about using other stuff but never got it all down in my head.

Tapping - 6/10

Fairly confident with tapping, had that lil sweep & tapin Locusts by Machine head down to a tee when I was massively into that album.

Dexterity - 6/10

Singing and Playing - 6/10

Wouldnt say i have the best voice, but give me something to pick like nothing else matters, blackbird by alter bridge, fade to black. even be still and know and I can keep timing and wail away no problem, give me some simple chord progression and simple strumming and all shit goes out the window. WTF is that about.

Riffs - 8/10
Timing - 8/10
Soloing - 2/10
Sweep picking - 0/10
Speed - 8/10
Creativity - 7/10
Chord playing 5/10
Guitar scales - 5/10
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Looks like we're in the same boat. Let's start a prog band.


Can I join? I'll play the chords while you guys mess around all over it!! Y'all could just wank away all over my stuff.

Waitaminit...that didn't come out right.

Quote by T00DEEPBLUE
We'd require a rehearsal space, but I know a place called the Needs New Amphitheatre.

I'm out of the band aren't I?

Clutch may have pointed at a solution...

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I'll give myself a sold 6 in everything.

Except theory, that's a 4.
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Riffs - Govan/10
Timing - Govan/10
Soloing - Govan/10
Sweep picking - 7.5/10
Speed - Govan/10
Creativity - Akerfeltd/10
Chord playing - Steely Dan/10
Guitar scales - Govan/10
Singing while Playing - Claudio Sanchez/10
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Riffs - 8/10 I thing this is my strong point
Timing - 6/10 Not too good not too bad. can't really comment
Soloing - 7/10 Another strong point of my playing i'm not the best though
Sweeppicking - 1/10 This is where I fall down. I can do some really really basic stuff and i'm not too good at it
Speed - 6/10 I'm sort of average in this one
Creativity - 6/10 can't comment
Chord playing - 4/10 Good at some basic stuff, jazz chords forget it.
Guitar scales - 5/10 I need to learn more
Dexterity - 6/10
Singing while playing - 4/10 not my high point I can do some basic songs

People tell me i'm a good guitarist, don't really believe them.
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Comparing myself to other guitarists I know from school / bandmates. Sorry if I sound arrogant.

Riffs 9/10. I can learn most riffs relatively easily and come up with my own most of the time.

Timing 4/10. Some songs it's note for note perfect others is chorus going on i'm playing the verse

Soloing 7/10(composed) I think I'm ok. My bro says I suck but that might be sibling assholery.
Improv 3/10. Not many ideas for soloing.

Sweeping 1/10. I'm still learning the basics of 3 string sweeps. 4,5,6 string sweeps sound like mud.

Speed 7/10. Fastest is Master of Puppets, but I play classic rock so speed isn't an issue.

Creativity 4/10. I'm not a very creative person. Refer to improv

Chord playing 9/10. Fairly good. Can make up my own chord shapes given a few minutes.

Scales 6/10. I know some (Major/ minor pentatonic, blues, Natural major/ minor, Harmonic minor). Enough for what I play.

Singing while playing . Seriously I can't sing and I will avoid singing at all costs in public. That's why my band has a singer.
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Riffs - 8/10 - I can play pretty much anything as long as it doesnt involve sweeping super high up.
Timing - 6/10 -If I have a singer or bassist or someone to follow im fine, If its just me playing, I dont generally worry about it.
Soloin - 7/10 As long as its not improvised.
Sweeppicking - 3/10 - I can do 3 and 4 string sweeps, but not all the way up the neck.
Speed - 7/10 Most of the stuff I play is around 170-190 bps. Fastest is probably Night of Knights.
Creativity - Don'tCare/10 I really dont care at all about writing music or being unique. Theres more than enough good stuff out there for me to learn, so adding to the pile really isnt an interest of mine. I don't play guitar to express myself, I use it to play music written by people who probably know what they're doing.
Chord playing 5/10 I know a few different voicings and the basic shapes
Guitar scales - 6/10 I have the basics memorized, different fingerings for them, most of the modes and a couple Exotic ones.
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I'd say my signature says it for me...

No matter how good you think you are..., there is always somebody out there that's going to say you suck...

I've been turned down by some bands, and sought after by others... Just play man
I Play Guitar
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Cover Tunes - 9/10

Original material - 5/10

Improvisation - 5/10

I can honestly say if it's a song someone else wrote I can play it and cop a lot of the original feel and energy. But the stuff I write myself just sucks balls.

I'm the guy who has to work with a singer/songwriter that does most of the work. I'll keep a tight rhythm and sometimes throw in some tasty licks and that about does it
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Chords and rhythm are my weakest things. I can sweep and play fast stuff pretty good. The last few months I've gotten a lot faster by practicing economy picking and legato.

My ear is getting good too, able to work out some complicated stuff...oh my theory is pretty bad though.

Just thinking that I probably have about 7000 hrs playing now. I should be better but meh, I get tingles at some point almost every time I play, so I have fun.
Poor plus. I have a long ways to go. Hope to make it to decent by the end of the year.
"Riffs - 7/10
Timing - 7/10
Soloin - 3/10
Sweeppicking - 4/10
Speed - 5/10 (120 bps most of time)
Creativity - 10/10 (always something new)
Chord playing 8/10 (jazz chords, crap..)
Guitar scales - 1/10 Known only Basic"

None of that means anything to me.
I'm good.
This is actually really interesting haha so here i go

Riffs: 8/10 Come up with riffs pretty easy, love riff songs haha but who doesn't?
Timing: 7/10 I'm usually pretty good but sometimes i'll lose it
Solo: 8/10 I practice soloing a lot haha
Sweeping: 0/10 Never even tried to learn it
Speed: 7/10 I can get to a good speed but i ain't messing with Batio haha
Creativity: 8/10 It's what's music's about, if you can't create than just stay as a bedroom battler, not that there's anything wrong with that
Chords: 7/10 I'm alright and know some weirder ones but it's basically the usual suspects
Scales: Is this about how many you know? or how good you are with the ones you know? In terms of what i know probably a 3/10 haha lol but then an 8/10 for what i do know

This was actually pretty cool
"Music Without Emotion Is Like Food Without Flavour"
Paul Gilbert
Sorry I've been off work so slacking a bit.

Seriously, what is the point of this?
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