Has anybody got any experience with Woodo guitars?


Found them a bit randomly on the net and it turns out their shop is only 5 mins from where I work in Stockholm. They look stunning (to me) but never heard of the brand or played a through neck before. Looks like the specialise in basses, but the guitars are beautiful too.

Tried searching and can only find old topics with people concerned about not being able to play first. Manufactured in Korea from what I can understand.

Gonna go check them out but wanted to see if anyone else owns or has any thoughts?

I'd walk to the shop and find out myself
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Looks nice, and at @$1000 for the cheaper guitars, about appropriately priced for entry-level pro quality from a small guitar company, near as I can tell.
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Woodo is, sadly, another line of excellent guitars and basses that we cannot get here in the U.S.A., as they currently have no U.S. distribution deal.

Their current GS series guitars look as if they were inspired to some degree by Blackmachine. The only downside - and this is just my opinion - is that they seem to favor EMG-HZ pickups, and I do not care for them. But hey; how hard is it to swap the pickups for something better? If the company is that close to you, then by all means, check them out.
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Those guitars look pretty nice. How is that pronounced? Like voodoo with a 'w' or Wood-oh?