Hey guys.

I'm having trouble wiring up a strat build i'm doing. I have the bridge humbucker (suhr ssh+) middle pickup (suhr ML) all working perfectly, but under the same wiring conventions my neck humbucker (suhr ssv) isn't working. It's going in to a 5 way switch and has master tone and volume (Did have a 'blend pot' but for the purposes of trouble shooting that is disconected

This makes me think that i have a fault with either my neck humbucker or the Seymour Duncan triple shot that it's mounted in. The wiring for the triple shot is the same as the bridge humbucker and i have tried everything i can think of for it to work.

Could anyone here help me resolve this issue or test where the problem lies?

If there is any further information required i can quickly post images or any other details that i may be missing

Thank you very much,
Okay, don't worry! Problem solved.

For anyone wondering during install he triple shot must have caught something, as the ribbon wire came loose. Re soldered it and we're all going strong!

Thanks again,