I have two Stratocasters: a Fender American Standard, and a MIM Strat special edition of some sort. I use GHS Rollerwound Nickel Wrap Light Gauge (.011, .013, .018, .026, .038, .050) on both. The string height is the same on both. The truss rod is set the same.

The only difference is that the American Standard is tuned down half a step, and the MIM is standard tuning.

The MIM has always been easier to play, but I can't figure out why. I've measured the neck width, radius and thickness. They're both the same.

Can anyone think of a reason why fretting on the MIM is easier than on the Standard?
The only answer I really have would lie on the bridge. If the bridge was pulled up a little more on the American that could account for that. But if that were the case, the strings would likely be higher. One other thing I can think of might be the height of the tuning pegs. I think the Mexican standard has the pegs all the same height, but the American is staggered I think. That could result in slightly different tension even for a string set of the same gauge.
Necks can have the same thickness and still be different shapes. The shape makes a HUGE difference.
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the fret size is different between the two necks. the MIM has the smaller original size that fender used.
Also the string spacing is different. I believe the MIM strings are closer together but it might be the other way around.
because they are different guitars and you prefer one of them to the other.

you can try taking them both to a guitar shop and having them set the one up like the other.
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Dimensions on the two are identical. I went over both carefully, and found that the concaveness of the truss rod adjustment on the MIM was about .025" shallower at the eighth fret. I adjusted the Standard to a straighter neck, and it's now as easy to play.

.025" was all it took .

I have to say, that MIM Strat is a really good guitar for the money. Not a lot of difference between it and the American Standard in terms of playing. No micro-tilt or externally adjustable truss rod, but a nice guitar.