This is the first track from my recently lineup finished band.. Obviously the drums are digital, but recording drums in an apartment is not feasible at the time being, but input and critiquing would be appreciated.

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I've heard worse electronic drums; they're pretty decent.

Your recording quality in general is really good for a bedroom recording.

I love the held our chords after the breakdown. You should try doubletracking the clean vocals, they seem pretty weak among all the guitars and screaming.

I'm not much of a metal fan, but I thought this was pretty solid. Good, non-repetitive structuring, your sections changes are strong, and while none of the guitar work stands out as super impressive, none of it sticks out as a weak point either.

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I would have to agree with herby190 on most of his points

The kick is by far the most dominant aspect of the mix. It's very clicky, which is good for this style of music, but it could still use a little more resonance to fill the spectrum. Besides the kick, when I listen to this with headphones, it sounds like everything is kinda pushed back....like it's happening in the next room. It's better when I increase the volume a bunch though.

So that's the critique part. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the tune The riffs and the musical arrangements are pretty damn sweet. The clean section, like herby190 said, sound a little thin in the mix, and would benefit from a 2nd or 3rd track. Maybe even scream underneath it lower in the mix. It'll get there though, it's a great tune.

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