I made a thread about a week ago asking for advice on a powered speaker to purchase that i could use with my Pod HD500, and i did ultimately came to the decision of getting a KRK Rokit 8, though i decided on holding off purchasing for another week..

Now I'm beginning to wonder if I really need a powered speaker at all or if my guitar cab will get the job done fine.
Right now I'm using an Orange Dark Terror through an Orange PPC112.
I'm struggling to find reasoning to justify spending $300 or so on a proper speaker.
The biggest reasoning of course that i came up with is that i can't bypass the EQ on the Dark Terror and i hear about flatline response with good studio monitor's such as the KRK, but in reality I'm not totally sure what that even means. Not having just a raw signal going into my guitar cab does however seem like somewhat a big deal.

I'm not the brightest person when it comes to all this tech stuff so I was hoping those smarter than me could help me decide if getting a proper speaker instead of preamp into guitar cab will really be worth it?

Thanks in advance
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Allright, first of all lemme thank you for not coming up with some pretentious stupid idea.
I'm not mocking you, I read too much stuff like that here.

Then, as for your problem:
- I personally wouldn't recommend these monitors in particular, you can get better stuff for not much more money, like a yamaha HS7 pair or a Mackie mr5/mr8 mkIII.
I also would never buy a single monitor speaker (if that was your idea).
Getting a pair is a hell of a better idea, you may use them for other stuff and a stereo rig is better than a mono rig in 9 cases out of 10, and yours isn't that last 1.

- Your cab will do just fine but you'll need a power amp.
You can just use the dark terror's by plugging the pod's out into the dark terror's fx return.
Though remember to disengage the cab simulation on the pod or you'll sound like you're passing through two cabs, resulting in a pretty funny sound.
You may even like it and keep it that way, but I wouldn't really do that.

- The flat response thing means that a sound at each frequency fed to the speaker at the same volume comes out of the speaker at the same volume.
Guitar speakers on the other hand have a pretty curvy frequency responce, meaning that feeding a signal in which each sound at the different frequencies is at the same level will result in some sounds being outputted at a certain volume and some other sounds at a certain other volume, and the difference is quite big.
You don't need a FRFR (full range flat response) audio system to play guitar, though you need it for other stuff.
Bass stuff, mixing stuff, pa stuff...

- The reason why sending the signal from the pod to the cab looks like a big deal is that you wouldn't hear anything.
It's a matter of impedance, look that up on wikipedia.
The short explanation is that you need to put a power amp between the pod and the cab to feed the cab with a signal strong enough.
Since you can use your amp's power amp, keep stuff simple and do that.

Then you may wanna buy a bigger cab, I'm not that big of a fan of 1x12s, or you could get a bigger audio system to reproduce other stuff or to mix or whatever and use the pod with that, with the cab simulation engaged because having a distorted guitar coming through a FRFR system isn't something you'd be happy to hear.
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Thanks a lot for your great response once again. Funnily enough the mr8 and hs7 were my 2nd and 3rd choices. I did intend on getting one initially for financial reasons as i thought it would sound okay and if i really needed 2 i could just get the other one at a later time.

So if i plug the pod into the fx return it essentially bypasses the Dark Terror's EQ and uses it solely as a power amp? If so that's great news, but would it be worth considering on perhaps getting a proper power-amp in that case? Or is that kind of pointless because I'm only powering something small and it's not like I see myself buying non powered speakers or anything in the near future.

Feel free to correct my ignorance if so, but either way i really appreciate your response
No problem brother

I guess that's not a big deal if you needed the monitor for that only and you had the intention of buying another in the future, though I'd rather get a used pair.
If it's kept well it's gonna be better than a new one.

Anyway, the fx loop is the thing between the preamp and the power amp, so plugging something in the fx loop return bypasses the whole preamp, not only the EQ (which is a part of the pre in this case).
If it was to power that cab only I'd stick to the dark terror.
A power amp (I'd suggest a yamaha ps 2500 for guitar stuff) wold be helpful if you needed to power fairly bigger stuff - a 4x12 would be the minimum, better if two 4x12s or a pa system in my opinion, and since you seem more interested in powered speakers than non powered one, I wouldn't advise you to buy a power amp.

I mean you could get one of theese to use the full power of your cab, but I don't think that would be really helpful in your situation.
I have the 20w one and it doesn't even sound bad, just a bit lacking in thump, but that's probably because of the 20w thing and me trying to play house on v30's.

If you want to power something big and you like the idea of passive cabs + an amp, get an amp, but in your situation I would at least wait and stick to the dark terror for now.
It's not like it would sound worse or anything, y' know...
Name's Luca.

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I don't know anything about this topic, but I just clicked on this thread because of your username :O
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Clue: amplifiers amplify so don't turn it on if you need quiet.
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I guess spambots are now capable of reading minds.