Just finished up my latest custom amp project - a facelift for a little Epiphone practice amp.

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I came in to this thread with high hopes! Then i saw what it was you were converting...

but THEN i saw the end result!

DAYUM, that looks sexy man!
How's it sound? I'm guessing you must like it enough.
How much it set you back? (hours + time)

I'd like to see this same facelift on some nice lil tube combo :P
Looks like it belongs with that guitar. Well done!
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I picked a cheap amp to do this with on purpose - this was sort of a prototype. Although it doesn't sound bad for what it is. Now that I've got it patterned out and I know where I need to tweak, I'm starting another one next week based on a new tube amp - like a Kustom Defender 15H. This one will be slightly larger at 1x10, and will also have a matching 2x10 extension cab underneath.
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i honestly rolled my eyes when i saw the amp you were using........

and then my ****ing jaw dropped when i saw the finished product.
this is a super cool looking design, and generally i hate everything that doesnt look like the same old same old stuff from fender/gibson/marshall/vox sort of stuff.

i would love to see a hand built tweed champ sounding amp, except switchable 15 to 5 watts, and has a speaker out so it doubles as a head and a small practice combo, all built like this little epiphone.
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