So recently I've been searching for some cool looking knobs for my standard Fender p bass and I came across several 'dome' and 'top dome' knobs that are pretty cool but I'm still not entirely sure if they'd fit the bass or not

These are what I'm talking about



And if anyone else knows where to find interesting knobs let me know
Check out my Harley Quinn bass. I found the knobs on eBay. I had to get something with a set screw for the pots I got from Carvin, didn't want the same old dome knobs, so I dug around. They had several colors availible.

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The knobs you have listed from StewMac have a set screw, rather than a "press fit." This means that they should fit your pot shafts even if they are a bit thinner than standard. You just tighten the set screw a bit more.
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