I'm thinking about getting it and i need some opinions. I like it myself but i still would like to hear what others have to say about it.
It's decent, played one at the shop and I like it. Drive channel has some nice mids and good low end. I was impressed.
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Quality control is a big issue, they seem to have a large number of amps DOA or shortly thereafter. I had a non-Infinium 6260, it sounded really good. I had good luck with mine, but I would be hesitant if I didn't know how to repare amps.
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They're fantastic amps, I've heard a lot of great stories about them and a lot of stories where they have blown up pretty soon. Make sure you get it from a store that gives you a big warranty!

I recommend Thomann, they have a no quibble 3 year warranty on all their products.
^^ fantastic amps my ass

They sound good but are built like shit.

Take it from someone who owned a bugera, don't waist your money on one There are much better choices new (Jet City) and used
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