I have two separate issues that may be related.

The more important issue:
I play an epiphone les paul standard. I'm plugged into a gold-tipped Monster brand 1/4" patch cable. The other end of the cable is plugged into an Orange Crush 35ldx solid state amp. Everything sounds okay when i play normally through the amp's speaker.
Now here's the first problem - i want to use my headphones. I have a pair of mid-grade Sennheiser 429s. They have a 1/8" connector. I ordered an adaptor that sizes the pin up to 1/4" and plugged the headphones into the adapter, then the adapter into the amp.
First problem - the pin seems to go too far in. When i first plugged the headphones in i pushed all the way down until the adapter was flush with the lip of the hole. I didn't get any sound at first, and then when i tried to pull the pin out to check for problems i suddenly got sound through the headphones when i had it pulled slightly out. It feels as if there's a detente at that point, and i'm getting decent sound quality through my headphones if I (for example) feed an auxiliary signal from my mp3 player through the orange amp.
But even though the headphones seem to be working with the plug pulled slightly, the guitar sounds are really shitty through the headphones. I can't turn the gain knob up at all hardly without introducing an unpleasant hiss. Clean is okay if i find exactly the right amount of gain to make it audible, but not so much gain that it turns into an orgy of snake sounds. Distortion is virtually impossible.

I thought that it must be the headphones since the amp sounds okay when they're not plugged in, but the headphones are fairly decent and basically brand new and they work perfectly when i've got them plugged into any other device. Then i thought maybe just the 1/8 to 1/4 adapter, but that leads me to problem number 2.

Problem #2: same guitar, but this time i have a Vox amplug plugged into it and the same sennheiser earphones plugged into the amplug. The adapter is not necessary for this setup and it is not used.
Once again i find myself having hiss problems. This time it's the opposite problem. The gain works fine but if i try to turn up the volume too far then it starts hissing like crazy. I can get the Vox AC30 crunch sound to some extent, but the cleans are so unpleasant that i can't use them.

Considering that I keep running into problems with hissing, i'm starting to wonder if my guitar itself is the problem, but I would love to hear any ideas you might have.
The problem is most likely caused by the fact the you're playing bypassing the speaker.

Guitar speakers have everything but a linear frequency response, while headphones usually have something resembling a flat frequency response.

Short answer, you can't do anything about it.

Long answer, you could get a cabinet simulator to be used between the amp and the headphones, though I'd rather play without the headphones and getting something like a pod xt3 or an amp simulator on a computer to practice with headphones.
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Something like buying a stealthplug and using amplitube?

Or can i use the ubisoft realtone cable for that maybe? I should investigate that.
If you're using headphones, how bout getting a multifx? An amp just sends a brittle signal to your headphones. Its designed for the speaker to be used for the most part. Lotsa (cheap) multifx out there with amp and cab modeling that make playing through headphones far more enjoyable. I would think even something like an irig with a garageband type app would be lil friendlier to the ears than the harsh, dry signal sent from a ss amp's headphone jack.
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I do not know about a multifx. It looks like it's just a pedal?

I know what an irig is. I don't use any apple products but at least i am following you a little bit on that suggestion. I think i need to ask this question differently. I'm not sure what i'm trying to get at.....

Okay here's what i want:
I want to be able to model different amplifiers and listen to it through my headphones. I also want to be able to patch in my mp3 player and play along. I would like to be able to add a metronome or a drum loop as well. Having a speaker isn't strictly necessary for me right now. I can only play at night when my kids are asleep, so the speaker would hardly ever get any use. I really need good sound quality through headphones.

I had thought that a Fender Super Champ xd would be a good solution for everything except for the metronome/drum loop but if all i'm going to be able to hear through the headphones is hiss then i'm going to need to figure some other way.
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Well, part of the problem is you're using bargain basement amplification and getting commensurate results. It also sounds like you got a sketchy adapter.

There's nothing wrong with your guitar if it works when using the amp as normal.

What's your budget for this and what specific tone/genre(s) are you wanting to mimic?

We can help, but more information is needed.
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If you're not playing using your computer, it definitely seems like you want a multifx. You basically described a Zoom G3/5. It has a bunch of amp and cab models that sound really good through headphones, a looper, a metronome disguised as drum beats (40 or so different beats to use), lotsa useable fx, all very easy/quick to use and very cheap yet built well.

Really though I would bet pretty much any amp modeling multifx would be better than pretty much any amp through headphones.
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I'm not sure if i am asking the right questions, but if you can help me figure out what i need that would be wonderful.

I just want to be able to hear a variety of tones through my headphones. I don't expect perfection, just less noise.
The orange amp is a loaner. I don't really like it. The vox amplug is a cheap toy. I didn't expect much when i bought it.

If i can use my rocksmith cable to plug into my pc then i'd be happy to explore pc software. I'm trying to understand what a line6 pod is. It looks like a fancy version of the amplug? I won't be satisfied with a pod if i get the same hiss problem, but i think that a pod looks like it might serve my needs assuming that i can get a signal out of it that isn't 50% noise.
You can use your rocksmith cable, but your output will be limited by your sound card. Best results are achieved by a dedicated interface for input and output. There are so many software possibilities if you go this route that it's futile to list them.

The L6 pods are great practice tools and work very well. May be the best simple, effective choice.

The Zoom multifx mentioned above will also work great, and still have value once you get a decent amp.

There's about a quadzillion ways to accomplish what you want.
“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
Charles Darwin
You need an interface to plug into your computer. Thats definitely a better route as well. I'm scared of computers though so I can't share any experience with that but a multifx will work/sound way better through headphones than the line out of an amp.
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So the Zoom and the L6 pods can still be used in conjunction with an amp later? They're both basically pedals (kind of...)/

This is very helpful. I think that I'll try making the rocksmith cable work but I'm also going to investigate the Zoom and the Pod. They seem promising. I'm grateful for the help.
I did eventually make the Rocksmith cable work together with Amplitube.

Dramatic step up compared to what I had been using. I don't really understand how to effectively use the amp settings but I did at least manage to try out a few things that I've never done before, and I was even able to get my cellphone patched into my soundcard as a sort of mp3 player. It works.

Best part: 0 dollars spent. Just had to fiddle with things for about 3 hours.

I think that this solution will work for me for a little while. Thanks again.