What amp and effects pedals should I get for heavy metal, alt, indie, psychedelic, punk and garage rock.
get a couple two rock amplifiers and all of the effect pedals you can find online....

unless thats out of your budget, in which case tell me how much you want to spend on an amp.

as far as effects pedals, what effects do you hear in music you like that you want replicate?
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Chea_man is the best.
Need to know your budget, location, specific influences...

Otherwise I shall recommend the finest boutique gear money can buy and you shall be left with the equivalent of the national debt of the USA and Greece combined.
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Check out your favorite band gear on google. It'll give some ideas.
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What amp and effects pedals should I get for heavy metal, alt, indie, psychedelic, punk and garage rock.

Borrow someone's old Pod XT and a good set of studio-quality headphones, and just start rolling through all the options in there. I'm not suggesting that the Pod will be what you end up with (though it may), but there are SO many different amps and FX in one of those things that you can definitely use it to pick out the kinds of sounds you want to add to your rig.

Go over to the Wampler pedals site (I think it's http://www.wamplerpedals.com) and listen to the videos for the various pedals there. He doesn't lean toward heavy metal all that much, and you'll want to go elsewhere to listen to those, but you'll get a good education on some outstanding pedals that, in some cases, substitute for a specific kind of amp, allowing you to work with a relatively clean amp using only the pedals to modify your sound. There are cheaper pedals out there, of course, but it's a good education.

You're listing some pretty diverse interests there; an obvious choice might be a multi-effect pedal for now. It's a lot cheaper than buying a whole lot of amps and cabinets and FX. I've got two of the big flap-top plastic storage bins full of pedals I've accumulated over the years. I don't even want to think about how much money is wrapped up in there. My personal suggestion is probably to ignore all the expensive and specific amp recommendations for now. This is all "fashion" that will turn on a dime, and a lot of these tend not to be very versatile. It's an even bigger expense to flip these things trying to keep up with "modern" or the latest internet forum darling.
Okay, specific influences? Location?

I can tell you now with that budget I would get a nice modeling amp and call it a day, a Peavey Vypyr Tube 60 would be good.
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Pick up a used Peavey Vypyr Tube. It's a nice sounding amp, and the built in effects will allow you to figure out for yourself what you like.
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with a Peavey Vypyr Tube 60.

Where can I get a Peavy I cant find one anywhere.
Are you in the US? Look at GC used, they have them cheap. I don't see how you'll get all that in budget.
I'm just a kickin' and a gougin' in the mud and the blood and the beer.
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What do you mean get it in budget.

get in budget? that means getting something you can afford and get the best for how much you money you have.
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So you can only spend $300 total for everything?
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