Dear Friends.

My name is Ómar and i come from Iceland
Playing guitar is obviously my favorite thing to do
and it would make me very happy if you guys would check out my song that i made.
I know it isn't the best song in the world and i know i'm not the greatest guitar player that ever lived and yes i know it isn't the best quality.
Just try to enjoy watching my video and leave a comment.

Love From Iceland

Thanks for these words.

"I don't know what it is, but you got it." - Peter Griffin.
The playing & chords sound fine. Could be more interesting with some good vocals. If you're in Iceland, you must know Bjork, right (I was implying that you must personally know Bjork, and that she would sing for you)? I have never had anyone from Iceland comment on my music, so perhaps you could reivew my music at this link:

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Thank you for the words, Yes. i do know Björk, but i haven't listened to her enough tho.
But i like Sigur Rós better, maybe you have heard of them. Of course i will check out your music and comment, you did it for me, so i do it for you my friend.

Thanks Alot for the comment and checking my video out friend.
Nice chords man, I can tell you are a fan of Sigur Rós, great band. I know it is probably just the recording but I could only just faintly make out the higher parts from the chords that were acting as a really cool little melody like thing. Your song definitely made me feel something which is good and I could hear different parts in my head that you weren’t playing perhaps because I connected with it and sub-consciously started interoperated it.
Good stuff