Hello, I recently built a high gain guitar preamp and am currently just trying to plan out the power amp section. Thing is I want to include an AUX input along with the power amp so that I can jam to some backing tracks from the amp itself. Carvin does this with the V3M, but Carvin intentionally made the schematic a real pain in the ass to read:


the aux circuit is to the left of the Amp ID info. its a pretty simple circuit, but one output goes into the phase inverter and theres another output to the impedance switch. I dont really get whats going on, especially since its all a mess. Can someone explain to me where exactly the line-in signal is supposed to go? Is there a better way to make a line-in mod into a poweramp? Just in case, Im planning on using the Soldano SLO-50W poweramp with around 300V on the PI and around 440V in the power tubes.

I remember a few months ago I stumbled upon some already assembled PCBs for people to mod this type of circuit into their amps, but I cant for the life of me find them now. Id much prefer a ready made pcb, but iirc this particular board was rather overpriced, especially if the Carvin circuit actually works because that one would cost me less than $10 to make myself.

any help on this subject would be great. thanks
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