I found this used Epi LP Standard in the classifieds today and it looks too good to be true (selling for like $320). Can you guys confirm if this is legit? I've been looking at the original one on epiphones site and it looks the same so far.

pics: http://s1361.photobucket.com/user/kevin_mark1/library/Epi?sort=3&page=1

P.S: I don't know how to attach images haha sorry guys
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looks fine to me. $320 isn't such a fantastic deal that it would raise an eyebrow around here.
..$320 is about what you'd expect for a second hand Epi LP Standard, yeah?

Assuming you're American, that's probably.. $350~ in Aus.. sounds about right..
well im not really sure on that but to me it matters a lot. (considering i have a VERY tight budget right now haha)
thats fine. if it was in very good condition, or a higher end / special model i could go up to 400ish. but about 400ish is where i draw the line in a used epiphone and begin investigating other brands.

i would say if its in good condition, its prices appropriately.
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So-so on the price, I think the ebony Standards like that sold new for $350 not so long ago and are currently $399 new. So unless it's absolutely mint (or has some decent replacement pickups), it's probably a little overpriced in my mind. $250 would be a better price.
Gotta agree that it's an OK, but not a great price. I picked up an Epi LP Standard brand new from Sweetwater for $300. I bought the Pelham blue because I really liked the color; oddly, if you wanted the same guitar in black, it was $400. When I asked my bandmate why, his answer was that Pelham Blue isn't a "real Gibson color", so it's perceived as less desirable than black.