hey guys, been playing guitar for alittle over a year now; self taught and sort of wishing i had got lessons for alittle while now.
my main problem i feel is in my right hand muting; ever since i started trying to play lead, i've used the big bulky thumb muscle part of my hand (where the thumb joins to the palm) to do my right hand muting if that makes sense. i've gotten pretty good at my way of muting however it means that my hand has to be on an angle so that my thumb is parallel with the strings.
now i've tried playing standing up i realise that this makes it really awkward to play if my strap is at any height any lower than my chest.

I've searched up and i see that people normally use the side of their palm to mute the strings above what you're playing; i've tried that alittle and it feels absolutely impossible. Almost as if my palm is either on all strings (or atleast most), or it's on nearly none of them and i get unwanted string noise.

i currently don't have a computer so i can't post photos/videos unfortunately, i was just wondering if someone could give me tips on making it easier to mute the lower strings without muting the note i'm playing or leaving them all to ring out. cheers