I've going to travel in Asia (i'm from europe) for a half year and really want to bring my guitar, and i wonder if this is a good idea or not.

I can't really find a travelbag with a guitar or anything like.

Have anyone had any experience with this?

Is it possible or should i buy a smaller guitar or complete drop the idea?

Please help

if you're flying with a guitar, it's a good idea to get a flight case. these are firmer than a regular hardshell case, and more expensive, but can minimize risk to your guitar. a travel bag - assuming you mean a gigbag - is not very protective, and if the airline makes you put your guitar in baggage, it won't protect it from being literally thrown by handlers.

you can get a small guitar made to fit in overhead, but if you bring a guitar that won't definitely fit in overhead - get the dimensions from the airline - there's always a risk of the guitar being put in baggage.
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Where are you going?

I would generally recommend you'd pick up a guitar there rather than bringing your high end favorite. There are pretty good very cheap guitars in most of Asia - especially in the 3rd world countries where almost no one can ever afford a Gibson etc so they make decent alternatives for the locals - and they aren't bad. If you're staying for as long as half a year and just plan on playing and practicing some, that would be my suggestion.