I usually use Ernie Ball strings on my electric guitar, should I stick with this brand for my acoustic guitar as well? I haven't changed the strings since I bought this guitar so I haven't tried out any acoustic brands.
String choice is highly personal.... As I say, ask 100 players, bet 100 answers.

Hard to go wrong, really, with most all the major brands. (some are just re-branded, BTW)
D'Addario, Martin, Elixir... all make good strings.
The coated strings (again, available from all makers) do last longer, and most have less "string noise". Some Say the coating affects the sound. I certainly can't tell.

Generally.... "Phosphor Bronze" strings are a little more mellow-sounding.

"Brass" or "80/20" brass (refers to the alloy) sound a bit brighter, more "ringing".

There are lots of exotic metals and strings hand-wound by gnomes in the Black Forest... Your can try 'em if you're feeling experimental.
I used D'Addario phosphor bronze on all my instruments exclusively till I bought a Taylor which shipped with Elixirs. They sounded fine and lasted a long time, so now I use the Elixir "PB" models.
What do you mean by "string noise"?
I'm looking for a warmer sound, something that doesn't have too much ringing, I guess.
i've tried all kinds of strings and have been playing ernie ball earthwood strings consistently for over 10 years now-- it's all preference and what you're looking for so play what you feel sounds best and is good for your style of playing
"string noise" is the squeaky sound you get when moving chords or notes up and down the neck.
The master information thread has heaps of info on strings. Cheers
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What do you mean by "string noise"?
I'm gonna call it a kind of "squawk", which, (as Bikewer said), happens when you slide up or down the neck with your fingers in contact with the strings. Note that it only happens on the wound strins, not the plain steels. Since coated strings don't have that direct callous to bronze contact, you're actually sliding across a type of plastic, and hence less noise>
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I'm looking for a warmer sound, something that doesn't have too much ringing, I guess.
Then you're probably gonna want to make phosphor bronze your first experiment. With that said, you also have to give careful considerable thought to the gauge of set you're going to use. Thicker gauges have more bass and overall output, while thinner sets are more midrangey with thinner bass, but they're a whole lot easier to fret.

Also, the guitar itself and your manner of playing it, might affect your choice of alloy.

Fingers are generally fairly dull, whereas a flat pick puts a lot of sting and brightness into the sound.

To counteract those differences, you might want to try brass if you're going to use your fingers all the time, and PB if you're using a pick.

Some guitars benefit from brass strings, particularly if they are inherently laid back or muted sounding.

Jus' sayin', it helps to experiment based on circumstance.
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Any particular string better for harmonics?
I wouldn't think so. Save for the fact that brighter strings might produce louder or different frequency range results. I'm kinda of thinking that 80/20 strings being more "ringy" in the first place, might mirror that result in their harmonic content.

Just a guess, or if you prefer, idle speculation.

I also suspect that a more resonant, and properly intonated guitar, would produce better results as well.