I just got delivered the Ernie Ball VP Jnr along with the Boss DD-7. I only realised that I ordered the 25k by instead of the 250k version. From what I understand I should have ordered the 250k version because my pickups aren't active. I've tried it out and there is definitely some tone suckage going on at the higher end.

This is my pedalboard at the moment....

Tc Electronic Polytune 2
Vox Wah
EHX Big Muff
Way Huge Green Rhino Overdrive
EHX Small Stone
Boss DD7

Is there any way I can get the pedal into my rig so that it doesn't mess with my tone? Or am I just better off returning it and getting the 250k?
Either find a different pot and substitute it yourself or return it and get the other one.
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