Im looking into new amps and am kinda new to it. Im needing help deciding which one to get. I dont gig so it will just be played at home. The ones ive been looking at are:

Line 6 Spider IV
Line 6 Jam
Fender Mustang 3 ver2

Any help is apprecated
I can tell you right from the start there aint anyone on here thats gonna recommend a Line 6 Spider.

Let us help you and answer the following:-

Current Gear
New or Used
Styles of music you play
Roland Cubes are tough little beasts. I had one for a few years so I will back that vote.
ok scratch line 6, now its between a fender mustang 3, and a fender super champ x2
Why aren't you considering the Vox VT+ range? IMO, they're the best modelling amp for everything except metal.

...which forces me to ask why you aren't considering the Peavey Vypyr in case you're into metal?
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You know, stating your

Current Gear
New or Used
Styles of music you play

would really help us helping you.
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