Diatonic or chromatic, slideharp or tremolo, even octave and chord harmonias, you all guys are welcome here!

Let's start the discussion right away!

What kind of harmonica do you play, what styles of music and how did you start?

I started with a tremolo harmonica that belonged to a friend of mine, and really soon I got a set of bluesharps. The harmonica got me later into bass playing, because I wanted to play more than a single instrument.

I had no knowledge about music whatsover prior to my harmonica. That's why I didn't understand why I couldn't play all songs with a diatonic blues harp.

When I started played bass and learned what the chromatic scale is, I was kinda sad that I couldn't play all chromatic notes on my harmonica. Then I heard about bending notes and how it should be executed. Sadly, even after months and months of trying, I couldn't play bent notes. I could bend them for some time while playing to spice it up, but there was no talking about chromatic notes.

But today, I got my first bluesharp ever, a really cheap 10 hole SWAN 1040. Even though it's cheap, it gets the job done and sounds fairly nice to me. Time to learn some stuff outside of C Major!
I'm not good at the harmonica. I'd love to actually learn it, but I don't put in the time.

I have one of those cheap ones, like 5 or 6 dollars. Nothing special in the slightest. I taught myself how to bend notes, but that's the cap of my skill.

I never memorized on which holes you have to inhale or exhale to make the pitch go up or down.
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I love using harmonicas, I don't care if they're pinch harmonicas, artificial harmonicas, natural harmonicas, they're all great...
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I've got an old Hohner Chromonica. Haven't played it in years. Lost interest in it.
I bought a harmonica to try and learn the intro to unsanes song alleged.even facebook messaged the singer to ask for correct key.couldnt play a thing.
I used to play quite a bit a few years ago (cross harp), even uploaded a short improvised jam on my profile, feel free to check it out.
Don't play that much anymore, but whenever i try it i still have pretty much all the chops i used to.
^ gotta do that, must be awesome
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