I bought a vox ac15 as my first tube amp some months ago.
I think it's a very good amp, I haven't really found a bad thing about it yet, also I like how well it does on low volumes, since I play on low volumes 90 percent of the time.

But because there's no seperated dirt and clean channel I have to get overdrive pedals to be able to switch on overdrive in the middle of a song. So I was wondering, what are your favorite settings to get a clean sound out of this amp, so that it sounds really good when you add some overdrive pedals?

I know I have to find the right sound myself, but some inspiration can always help.

Thanks in advance
For a clean sound with my Strat, I have (pretending that the controls go from 1-10) the Bass around 4, Treble around 7, Volume at 5, Tone Cut almost all the way down, and Master however loud I need it.
I'm not the biggest know-how with OD's, but I think most of them have a level, gain, and tone knob (or two tone knobs like the Digitech Bad Monkey). I would set cleans to taste, set level on the OD to 10, Gain to 0, and Tone to taste.
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im going to differ from the poster above me.

for live use, i always set my amps up to have a nice clean channel. and then my overdrives get set so that the volume is just slighty above the clean sound, dial in as much dirt as i need. and tone to taste. i usually have tone up pretty high because i like darker cleans and brighter driven sounds. i use my OD pedals strictly to add dirt though. some, like the poster before me, use them to drive the front end of the amp harder. try them both and see what you like.

What OD are you using? i use a wampler euphoria for most of my dirty sounds, a fulldrive II for a few songs, and timmy clone last in the chain strictly for a big clean boost for solos. (the timmy is set up like the poster above me.)
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You can use the volume knob on your guitar to go from clean to dirty.

Not really. Yeah, it works, but you can't go from completely clean to full-on dirt without experiencing a major drop in volume.