Before you I stand, your fat, bulbous hero. Here I am, decked in full regalia, stains of gravy and ketchup. My fingertips saturated. I am infuriation, the rationalistic cannibalised child-killer. I am the Hadean shadows behind the fireplace. Tradition has no use in the future.

I caught a glimpse of you in the dust devil.

Smiling with fear. I could count each cavity in each tooth and follow the vinegar-lines in your gums. The veins buzzed in your eyewhites. I could see you hoping for yesterdays. The rosary fell to the floor and you vanished.

You wore a cocktail dress on the stairwell.

Dirty little devil, in your red heels. You had sharp canines, protruding illicitly. Eyebrows arcing down. Apple perfume and clove on your breath. Ol' cloven hoof. Poof! Gone in the sea of misery.

You and the devil walking side by side.
"protruding illicitly" was delicious. As were a few other images.

I think you danced around your point a little much even. I think it might just be the breaking form. Perhaps this one needs to percolate a while.

I think the last stanza read the strongest. I think the latter half works better with addressing "You" consistently across three lines. Perhaps that could be spread across the whole piece. In fact I'm determined it should start with it. "Before you" is just a wee bit more passive.