I knew of no other way..so i recorded using cell an uploaded to youtube. Im an older guy just learning on my own..not sure if using accents would help but help me out either way...how good or bad is it...2 years learning through youtube.. want to be great,not better.

I don’t know the song but you sounded pretty good, a little pitchy on the vocals like you are straining to hit the ‘much’ part sometimes. Perhaps a little more relaxing or using a different technique. The strumming sounded good, was in time, I find that when you are playing with other instruments especially percussion that you naturally add better accents to your rhythm playing.
Thanks Matt...Yea my vocals stink but im just trying to learn to sing an play at the same time and my shower voice is what it is...My main goal is to improve at the Guitar an just grow old entertaining myself,never with a band...I hear all about accents etc and just trying to grasp the real meaning an effect of it.You can read but practice makes perfect.
That's cool, I'm sure you will entertain more than just yourself along the way. There is nothing like it , strumming the guitar, piano ect and singing out a few songs in your own zone. It is a real spiritual experience as at times you can tap into something not seen but you can feel it you know it's there. Something that is truely can not be explained with words.
Post some more stuff when you have some more stuff down.
You should use a sound edit/recording program. You can keep recording from your cell if you want to. You need to use curve/equalizer tool to bring down the pitch with vocal and also guitars most likely. It will sound better. Its still pretty good considering a cell record tho.