I have question mainy for sherrding tecnique. Im picking every strings that comes next by downstroke and I have learned from some teachers that every next string you pick example when playing scales you pick it dowstroke ( because that is the most fastest and shortest way) to play it (also called sweepicking if Im right) .

And then I see some alternate picking lesson that are oposite side of what I've learned about picking. I've tried alternate picking ( next string in alternate you need to pick upstroke). I want to learn how to fast picking ( shredding)

What will you sugest sweep picking or alternate picking, and give me some advise about this.

I've tried some Paul Gilbert shredding lesson but I dont feel comfrontable playing alternate picking ( dont know is that beause I've learned froms start differently)
All forms of picking have their uses and if you train your ear enough, you can also hear their subtle differences. You should become proficient with all of them. The more you learn, the better you will become. Personally, I usually use alternate for most of what I play, but I also sweep occasionally. It just depends on what I think sounds better and what is easier to use in each particular moment.
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That's not sweep picking, and you learned wrong. Sweep picking is not a standard way of playing, it's a specialized technique for quickly playing arpeggios legato across multiple strings, and it incorporates downstrokes or up strikes with hammer ons and pull offs.

Alternate picking is much faster than down picking for playing normally. Once you master alternate picking you can move onto either circular picking or efficiency picking.

Alternate picking is a rudimentary skill that any beginner should be able to do. Sweep picking is a specialized, intermediate legato technique for playing arpeggios. Down picking is for teh br00talz and is mostly used by people who never bothered to learn properly, though some metal bands use it effectively for chugs and rythm stuff.
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learn all the picking techniques you come across. eventually you reach a point where you just see what you need to play and automatically find the best ways to play it using a combination of everything you know.
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Down picking is for teh br00talz and is mostly used by people who never bothered to learn properly.

This is the worst generalization ever. On the contrary i think most br00tal metal players can't actually down-pick to save their lives.