Hey guys,

So this guitar came up on a local trading site. I have attached pictures. The girl said it's a 1960's Spanish guitar. She bought it about 2 months ago, and all she knows is the lady's mother had owned it since the 1960's. The photos are all she could really give me.
She spent about $60 fixing it up. Fixed the tuning keys, the tail piece was off, and to check the overall structure. She said she kept it the 'vintage look' which I said was a good thing!

My questions are:

-What is the make, if we can find out, I have no idea, she the seller seems to know very very little about guitars of any kind.

-I am left handed. Could I flip this guitar, seeing as there is no truss rod and all that jazz?

-How much is it worth, if anything?
Well, first off, it's not a classical. It's a typical European steel-string guitar of that vintage. The trapeze tailpiece, pickguard, and post-type tuning machines give that away.

Some of these were actually quite nice.... Not expensive instruments but decent-sounding.

Turning it into a lefty? The trapeze tailpiece is no problem, of course. The saddle is likely angled from bass to treble...You might be able to simply reverse it. Otherwise, it's new saddle time.

The important thing is the nut. The nut slots will have been cut with deeper, wider slots for the bass strings. NOT reversible... So, most likely you would have to have a new nut made and properly set up.
The pickguard will be on the wrong side.... That may or may not matter depending on how you play.