Okay, so at the minute I'm composing a piece in a sort of loose rondo form, and have the A and B sections down. The piece is entirely in F sharp minor so far, with a couple of non-diatonic chords in the B section.

However, for the C section I've kind of hit a roadblock. My ear is telling me that I want some kind of modulation to come next, however I haven't a clue what key to modulate to. I know the bare basics of how to modulate, like using a pivot chord between the two keys, but I have no idea on how to know where to modulate to.

I tried modulating to the dominant, but it didn't sound appropriate whatsoever as I wanted something a bit less predictable, but now I'm kind of lost. Any ideas?

Additionally, links to any relevant online resources or books would be greatly appreciated, as this is an area I'm lacking knowledge in (again, with the exception of the bare minimum knowledge).

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Try working backwards - what key modulates best back to the piece's tonic?

If you want a look at some very classic modulations, pick up a Bach score. Minor keys are convenient because you can easily switch to the natural minor and use the bVII to tonicize III.

Pretty much everything comes back to circle of 5ths, so you can basically just pick your target key and do the math in between. You can probably google some old Bach or Beethoven scores to get ideas.
A major or C# minor would be the most common choices here. i would stick with one of those two keys.

modulation to the dominant is only as predictable as the musician who composed it. dominant modulations can be very effective -- make sure your thematic material isn't what's at fault.
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Just try every key and pick the one you like the best. If you can't hear it, try different options. There aren't that many of them.
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