I'm used to playing more guitar then bass. But anyhow....

I have a squire classic vibe j bass. What are standard size strings for a j bass? I bought this puppy used and they gave me a set of strings. But its time to restring. I forget what gauge they were? What is the standard size I should be looking for?
The standard gauge set of strings for a four-string bass are .45 to .105. You can go a little lighter or heavier, but unless you plan to play a lot of down-tuned stuff, stick with the .45 to .105. As for scale, your bass is a standard 34" scale bass. Most bass strings are designed for this, but just ask at your local music store so that they don't give you something that is too long or too short. Do not worry; most of the bass strings sold at any music store are going to fit a 34" scale bass.
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