help identifying pedal?

Hi gang I have a prob I have a 6505+ head 120w I scored on craigslist but doesnt have a footswitch for itI looked into footswitches and theyre like 70 bucks even on ebay theyre like 50 it has a 7 din plug in on it. Today I went to a pawnshop and found a peavey footswitch with 7 din....great! I thought I plugged it in my amp and nothing at all no led lights and no channel select. My qyestion is what type of footswitch is this and is it compatible with my amp or is it just broken? It has channel select effects select reverb select and tremeolo select plz help
I cant upload a picture of it I cant even find a google pic of it my file size is too big sorry
Take a smaller picture or compress it.
Then, if it doesn't work the problem most likely is that the footswitch doesn't send midi info on the right channels or it doesn't send the right info on whatever channel.

If you can't program the footswitch and get it to output different stuff on different channels and it doesn't work as it is, the way of making it work would be to get some kind of dongle that can change midi info coming from the footswitch.

Anyway, yeah, a picture would help so try and find a way to upload one.
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Thank you for the response ive sent a n email to peavey support hoping for s response soon they habe a list of footswitches availble on their support page and the one I bought doesnt mstch sny of them the delta blues 212 looks close but mine has tremolo instead of chorus but I will try to find a schemztic for the footswitch and see if I cant modify the one I got into a 6505+ 120w footswitch thanks....ps anyone have a schematic lol