Budget: $150.

I have a Dunlop CryBaby GCB-95(?), whatever the vanilla CryBaby is, and its just not working for me. I find the physical sweep of the pedal is too narrow, and the Q, maybe because I'm on the bridge pickup more to cut through, is quite harsh.

To be honest, it almost put me off wahs in general. Then, I watched a live take of Welcome Home, by Coheed and Cambria, and I felt like I needed to have a wah again. To be fair, when I bought it, I didn't need it. I wanted to cover as much sonic ground as possible, and a CryBaby seems like a good place to start.

Before I was playing in a trio, with a keyboardist and drummer, and it worked alright (heavily used it in a solo), but there seemed to be room for improvement. Now, with a band with another guitarist, it seems to be not as "vocal" as I'd like. Maybe I'm just playing it wrong. It seems to be very sensitive, and has a fairly narrow "good sounding" range before it is too shrill or or too muddy.

I've been reading quite a lot on here about Morley wahs, and there is just way too many to choose from. The optical sensor seems pretty cool, and I always worry that the mechanical gears in the CryBaby with seize up or break. I would also like a knob that changes the Q, like on a Weeping Demon, iirc, unless its better to find a wah with a fixed Q you like.

tl;dr: Looking into a new wah. Original CryBaby is not quite working for me. Morley wahs seem cool. What should I be looking for?
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morley wahs seem pretty popular amongst people who play with alot more gain than i do, so if you can try one out, you really should. maybe its just what your looking for.

but i also used to have that regular crybaby, and grew to hate it. now i have a fulltone wah, and it does everything a good wah should do. although it is still voiced like a classic wah. very vocal and you do have some control over the sweep. great pedal.

even if you plan on buying online, i really recommend trying to get to a big store to try out as many as you can.
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Chea_man is the best.
The early Cry Baby was great (1969) modern basic ones not so much. 535Q does the trick with Q control though.
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unless you're into building your own 535q all the way.
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...I always worry that the mechanical gears in the CryBaby with seize up or break.

I've had one for 25 years. I've thrown it through a third floor window, used it multiple times to hammer nails into the wall, dropped it in a lake, hid weed in it on cross-country flights, taken it apart more times than I can remember, and numerous other atrocities.

Just plugged it in and it works fine. Crappy pedal, but damn it's durable.
Ive got the 535q which is pretty good but ive heard that Jerry Cantrells model is even better the dunlop jc 95 i think its called.Why dont you check that out?
+1 Cantrell model
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