Hey everyone! I would really appreciate some advice here, I play in a metal band (think august buns red/lamb of god style) and we're getting ready to start playing live shows. I need a second guitar to use live because we use multiple tunings. I can't really exceed $400, and while I know I can't get an amazing guitar at that price, hopefully I can get some advice on something that'll be decent enough to play live with. I was thinking that spending 300 on the guitar and using the extra 100 to upgrade the pickups might be the best way to go, but anyway I would love to hear some advice on what to look at. Thanks in advance!
schector offers some really nice guitars for your budget. plus they seem to be really popular among UG metal players. check out there website for info.
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Thanks, I'll check those out. One other specific guitar I was looking at was the Jackson JS32 King V, which is cheap enough that I could upgrade the pickups. Any experiences with this guitar?
The Godin Redline HB is a good guitar for metal. It sells new for @$500, and can be found used on eBay for under $400.

Fernandes makes great guitars for hard rock & metal, and they're doing a clearance sale on limited numbers of their guitars. The Dragonfly Standard usually sells for hundreds more, and its sale price is within your budget.

Reverend makes killer guitars, and this used Volcano could be a good choice for you.
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First place I would look is the used guitar wall at Guitar Center. You could probably find a used Korean made Schecter or LTD for around $300-$400. Some of them even have EMGs or Duncans already installed.
Definitely check out used. I just got an Ibanez Prestige RG1570 in great condition the other day for $500 from Guitar Center. It even had the original pickups changed for some DiMarzios.
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