Phillip Phillips' Tell Me A Story has really been giving me the asshole slapping of a life time. Scaling Mount Everest with nothing but a plastic butter knife and the Los Angeles Crips to beat the shit out of me once an hour would be far less daunting of a task than attempting to tackle this behemoth of music.


That's the song.

Here's a live performance of it:


I've called in the cavalry via attempting to take it one note at a time, but that effort has proven to be fruitless at the least. I've already listened to roughly 12 hours of motivational tapes to keep fueled through this journey. It has recently dawned on me that I would be far more successful locating and decoding ancient Myan wall paintings than producing any kind of a tangible results with this song with no Tabs to guide me.

Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!