As the topic says, yesterday I ordered Cube 20X and now I got a call that it is delivered to the store but it's a newer model - 20GX. The price is ~275 $ for 20GX, and the 20X is ~250$. Is is worth it? What is better in the newer model? Please make a comparison, if possible.

P.S. I read up that GX got a dock for iOS stuff, but I use Android so it's a kinda useless for me. Will that interfere with quality of playing, will I have less equalizers and stuff?

Have been playing for 1.5 years.

Playing at :
Home, possibly recording, some gigs with my band(bassist, drumer, lead singer).

Price range :
230 - 270 $

Favourite bands, musicians :
MUSE, Green Day, RHCP, Katy Perry, Foo Fighters, Linkin Park.

Favourite music styles :
Classical Rock, Punk Rock, Alternative Rock, styles of the above mentioned bands/musicians, maybe some metal riffs, if they sound good for me.

Current guitar :
A cheap stratocaster rip-off (although sounds quite good).
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