Hey all, my band Special Bruise have been steadily self-recording + self-producing* our album, currently titled 'Special Bruise's High Class Circus' and have decided to release a little teaser single!

To listen, just head to our soundcloud!

Folk, Soul, Pop, Alternative.

It's probably the most poppy and accessible on the album, but we thought that's what makes a single!
There's vocal harmonies, guitar, mandolin, organ.

We even included a cover of The National's 'I Need My Girl,' recorded live in our sudo-studio as a sudo-B-side.


Please lend an ear, and i hope you enjoy!
And if you'd like to hear more, be sure to follow us over on the facebook, and help spread the word.Loads more songs on the way, some folky, some bluesy, some heavy, some happy, a few more sad, and then some hard to really describe...
It'd really mean a lot.


Thanks and much love!

*when i say self producing, i mean we leave it to Steve, the multi-instrumantalist to do the hard work!
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