So, I let my acoustic guitar sitting in my house for more than 3 months with old strings, and I finally decided to change strings. However, there is a problem: The b strings is insistently trying to change its place to fit on the space on the nut that's meant for the high e string and I don't think that's where it should be and I want it to go back to its place.
My first guess it's that I need to adjust the truss rod but since I never adjusted my guitar I thought it would be better to ask someone before doing anything stupid.
Also, I should mention that the high e string is unusually tense.

Here's a photo, sorry for the blurriness, but I can't make it better:
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how would adjusting the truss rod help? if the string wont stay in its slot, its likely the slot isnt deep enough. does the b string still slip when tuned to pitch? as for the tense e string, have you gone up a gauge (size) of strings? this would explain the tension and could also explain why the b string wont stay in its slot.

i'd recommend taking it to a tech and getting it set up, or learning how to set it up yourself.
Adjusting the truss rod was just my first guess. The b string slip when I try to tune it. I did go up a gauge (011 to 012) but I don't think that's the problem as I have done that before and it worked fine (of course, I can be wrong and that's the problem... hopefully it's that simple anyway). I am going to take it to a tech tomorrow if no one has a solution to my problem.
Impossible to tell from your blurry photo, but it looks like the nut slots are very shallow on this instrument. It's likely that the slot for your B string has just chipped out a corner and now it's not holding the string well.
Also....Are you applying the strings to the tuning machine posts properly? You have to have the wraps go from the "top down" so that there is enough angle on the string to hold it securely in the slot.
I think your nut slots are not deep enough BUT cutting deeper may damage the playing action.
The ideal depth (once the action over the first fret is set ) is to have the string a little over half way down in the slot. Any deeper and it might drag/catch during tuning or bending. Any less and....well it pops out of the slot.
The other thing I notice is that the strings are going the wrong way around the tuner capstan, this makes the break angle far greater than it needs to be. Restring in the other direction. Check Photos of other guitar heads for the correct orientation.
Bikewer - You're right, the B string slot is missing out on a corner. And I did put some strings the wrong way... Brain fart moment right there.
Sometimes... These can be repaired without replacing the nut. The technique is to fill in the nut slot with super glue (the gel kind) and bone dust or something similar... Then re-cut the slot.
You need a proper-sized nut file for that.