This is NOT a "who is better" thread. However, as of late, I have been thinking about nu-metal and just alternative metal in genre. And I feel the need to place korn, system of a down, and deftones in a very similar category. Though deftones is nearing a different panel of sound these days (shoegaze, alternative rock, etc) and korn is always trying out and experimenting new things like dubstep in their music, I feel that they are really the big 3 from the start. Take a look at their first albums. All very hardcore, raw albums, (and some of the best albums ever written in alt.metal overall).

It's interesting how different bands seem to share similar roots in the beginning, no matter how they were presented (nu metal, alt. metal) in those first few years, and seem to support (or hate?) the other band, and seem to rub off in one way or the other (vocals - chino, serj, and johnathan all share styles/sounds in a few songs, demos, ep's)

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^ I've just realised if you say Simple Plan's 2011 effort "Get Your Heart On!" really fast in a Southern American accent, it sounds gross. . .like sexual gross!

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