Hi gents!,

I use to play guitar a lot as a teen but sold all my gear and left the country for a couple of years. I've just saved up a bit of money and am interested in buying another guitar and combo amp.

My budget is $1200 for both the guitar and amp. I'm thinking about the Line6 Amplifi because it seems affordable and to have a lot of options. I am, however, open to amp suggestions. Also, i'm not planning on doing any concerts or anything big, just casual play at my house and writing my own music.

Some guitarists sounds and bands that I like are: Lanvall, Emppu , Marcel Coenen, Joe Satriani, Omnium Gatherum, Scar Symmetry, Blind Guardian.

If I had to pick two sounds that I wanted to be able to achieve in tone it would have to be Emppu and Lanvall1 / Lanvall2

The style of guitar I want would be something like an S-Series from Ibanez or the MH series from ESP/ESP LTD. I used to own an MH-400 before I left country, I loved that guitar!

Pickups: I would prefer active, they just sound more lively and warm imo.

New Used, I don't care.

I'll be in SouthEast Idaho when I make the purchase, in a little town called Rexburg!

I currently own no gear.
This probably belongs in GG&A, definitely not recording. I don't have any recommendations on specific gear but I would recommend going used if you don't have an issue with it. You could get a pretty damn good setup for $1200 in the used market.
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Xaviere XV-890 (either HSS or HH) + a copule duncan p/ups (I'd say sh2n and sh5n) + a used 6505+ with whatever cab that has v30s.
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