Hey there wasn't sure where to post this but here goes.
I was hoping someone can help me decipher how John is using his effects in this solo
The solo starts at 4:04.
I can pretty much play this thing throughout which isn't the issue. I'm having a tough time figuring out what he's doing effect wise. I think he has his wah pedal on and changes the position of it when he moves his hand position for the crazy hammer on/pull off stuff. Sounds like he cocks the pedal back and forth too a couple times transitioning into his more melodic part of the solo. Hopefully someone can help me out here I would love to be able to get this solo down fully. Thanks.
It sounds like a wah to me

If it is than that is some of the most tasteful use of wah I've seen in a long time.
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Just delay and wah. Maybe a touch of phaser, too, but there's not that much to it, just the choice in what he's playing suiting the effects he's using.

As for the original solo, on the album version, it's similar effects so I imagine he has a similar set up on stage but decided to play something improvised/completely different instead of the written one.
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I'm starting to think he's using his whammy pedal during that solo. It doesn't sound like a simple wah shift. Anyone else think so?
tinny setup: tinny sounding strat (just typical) with toggle adjusted to full tinn, and tinny wah (fully open), and where he attacks the strings with his right hand pick has a lot to do with achieving and manipulating that sound.

I reckon you can just already hear it coming, even before the solo even kicks in...

... and of course the little pre-set delay thing (right at the end, just as an effect)...

but of course i'm guessing too... but hey that's what I 'feel' is happening as well as what I hear from an intuitional stand point.

(and no I don't bong, in case your wondering), pure rock is more about feel and essence (which involves so many natural nuances/techniques etc...) as opposed to this pedal/that effect!

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tinny anyone? lol
There is no whammy pedal from what I hear... the Whammy is a pitchshifter/harmoniser, and I can't hear either happening.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.