So, as some may know, Foreigner currently tour, however its with Kelly Hansen, rather than Lou Gramm.

I seem to note that people are exclusively divided into 2 groups.

1) Foreigner suck, how dare they tour with this pathetic cover band they call foreigner.

2) They are just as good as ever, rock on.

I however, share the opinion that while Lou Gramm is a better singer than Kelly, with his current health problems, he isn't able to perform as he used to. I would rather see Kelly sing the songs like I know them, than see the original lineup but sung really badly (seriously has anyone heard Lou Gramm recently?).

I do thing that when Kelly sings and Mick Jones isn't there, its a really bad idea.

Also, I think rather than cover previous material, they should do some new material and have Kelly sing his way, rather than imitate Lou.

Well, Ive ranted.

What I am really interested in is your thoughts on the Foreigner situation currently?
well i'm from Lou's hometown so i'd rather hear Lou. he's gotten better after a long bout of illness so cut the guy some slack. singers get old and can't hit the notes like they used to.
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Well that barely answered my question. But thanks for posting.

well the band stands as it is and lou isn't going to tour with them so not much to say
I was a big Foreigner fan back in their heyday and saw them a few years ago with Jason Bonham on drums.

Mick was great as always, Jason was awesome, lead singer was good and the other two clowns were doing Milli Vanilli all night to backing tracks! I know a lot of those songs and unless the bass and second guitar use really strange tunings, they never played a note. Pffft! I don't do karaoke bands well.
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Foreigner was my second ever concert back in 1979 and it blew me away. They sounded just like the record but i feel the way you do, i'll take the new singer w/ Mick over Foreigner w/o Mick.

I am a huge fan of guitarist like Mick and Gary Richrath and Elliot Easton. Those players always nailed killer parts and managed to stay within the framework of a great song.
I saw them at the local fair a few months back, they wouldn't play a full set after a rain delay because they needed to give their roadies enough time to pack everything up.

In my opinion, people came for the show (me included) so dry the gear off, get the show going, and let them play the set. Who cares if the roadies have to pack things away until 5AM, throw them a few bones for the effort and commitment.

Edit: show started at 7:30, they made it through 3 songs and then it rained for an hour, then they came back on and did 3 songs acoustically then packed it up at ~9:30.
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I saw Lou a few years ago with his Lou Gramm Band (the one that pissed off Mick Jones) and they were excellent. Lou sounded fine. I am more concerned with the fact that while Mick had his heart problem last year the band continued to tour without him as Foreigner without any original or former recording members. That is just a rip off to the audience and is no more than a cover band using the Foreigner name. This wrong in every way. Mick even took the current band in the studio recently to re-record the Foreigner hits so he could say: "Its' been 6 years since the new line-up has been in place. The success, for me, merited giving the public studio recordings of songs by the new band,” Mick Jones asserts. “People know the new Foreigner, so the Foreigner they see live is the same Foreigner they can get on record." That just sucks. Lou Gramm wasn’t just the lead singer, he co-wrote most of the hits. They were a team. Would the public accept McCartney touring as the Beatles, Jimmy Page by himself touring as Led Zeppelin or Marky Ramone touring as The Ramones?
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